Wallet & P2P

With our bots you can carefully keep cryptocurrency, do safe p2p exchange and instant transactions even those, who doesn’t have a wallet. The service is completely free and the Telegram platform allows us to buy and sell cryptocurrency anonymously on any device.

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p2p escrow

This will help you to safely buy and sell cryptocurrency of other users at the best rate!

Instant transactions

You can send Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without waiting for confirmation even those, who doesn’t have a wallet!

Completely free forewer

Tired of compulsory payments? The bots free users from commission for the transfers and exchange of coins.

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Most likely, you’ve never met with such projects. This may cause difficulties in understanding some processes, but, fortunately, we have prepared a comprehensive documentation. The textbook will explain the finer points and all basic functionals.


Do you have any questions after reading the book? You can chat with support agent into Telegram @bitcoinSupport.


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